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Why Mosquito Control In Green Bay Is So Important

July 15, 2022 - Mosquitoes

We’re in the middle of our Green Bay summer. The heat and humidity make us all want to relax; but just when we get comfortable, out come the mosquitoes. This perennial summer nuisance makes everyone wonder why mosquitoes even exist in the first place. Is there more to mosquitoes than just an impetus for Green Bay pest control

Mosquitoes Are Much Needed To Maintain Our Ecosystem

A world without mosquitoes would cause drastic changes. Mosquitoes have contributed to the ecosystem of our planet for 210 million years. Today, there are 3,500 species around the globe. Only 400 of these species are responsible for the infamous transmission of deadly diseases. The other nearly 3,000 species don’t even live off human blood. 

In the ecosystem, mosquitoes:

  • Pollinate plants, especially orchids
  • Are food for fish when larvae
  • Serve as food for birds, frogs, and bats

Besides being tasty morsels for fish, birds, and other carnivores, mosquitoes act as pollinators. Males feed solely on nectar, especially from orchids. While the males fertilize new generations of plants, the females need both nectar and blood.

The History of Mosquito Control 

Since mosquitoes are older than humans, even the earliest of us had to deal with them. In primitive times, huddling near campfires, covering the skin in oils, or igniting aromatic plants were all early humankind could do.

As technology evolved, we’ve become more concerned with mosquito control. The spread of disease incited action. Mosquitoes have been responsible for diseases like:

  • Zika
  • Yellow fever
  • Dengue
  • Chikungunya
  • West Nile virus
  • Malaria
  • Encephalitis

The growing concern of cases in tropical areas inspired many scientists to develop insecticides in 1939. As mosquito populations began to migrate, this became even more crucial. But mosquitoes are quick to develop resistance, so insecticides become obsolete after a few years, perpetuating the need for new chemicals. Wisconsin has had reports of encephalitis, Jamestown Canyon virus, and West Nile virus.

In the recent two decades, geneticists have been trying to release altered mosquito adults to cultivate populations less prone to carrying disease. 

Why Do Mosquitoes Need Blood To Live?

Only female mosquitoes suck blood. This is because blood is replete with proteins that the female can use for growing her eggs. And infected blood doesn’t affect these eggs negatively.

Unfortunately, the malaria parasite has a gene that mosquito immune systems can’t detect. The parasite is basically invisible and remains dormant until passed on to humans. Since mosquito cells and human cells are composed of different proteins, certain viruses and parasites are not activated in these insects, whereas they are deadly in humans. 

Everything You Should Know About Mosquito Control

Controlling the mosquito population involves two distinct strategies. The specialists at BugBoss The X-terminators know to use different treatments for mosquito adults than for mosquito eggs, larvae, and pupae. 

Mosquitoes will lay their eggs in water, where maturation to adulthood takes one to two weeks. That means you can seek out standing water and dry it up with sand to prevent growth. Necessary water sources like dog bowls should be replaced at least daily. This will stop most development.

To get rid of mosquitoes on your property:

  • Get rid of standing water.
  • Clean up any debris and trim plants.
  • Cut your grass.
  • Fix any leaking pipes.
  • Clean all gutters.
  • Maintain your pool with chlorine. 
  • Dry up even the smallest spots of water with sand.
  • Use repellent oils or plants that keep mosquitoes away.
  • Hang a bug zapper to get the adults.

Some natural ways to get rid of mosquitoes include using plants and oils. Lavender, basil, marigolds, and geraniums are plants that ward off mosquitoes. Oils and smells mosquitoes hate are lemon eucalyptus oil, lavender, cinnamon, thyme, citronella, tea tree oil, geraniol, and Greek catmint. 

To kill mosquitoes, you may need to use both adulticides and larvicides, which can be dangerous when applied without proper training. You should leave these insecticides to professionals like us. BugBoss The X-terminators is here to give peace of mind to commercial and residential property owners alike. Let us know how we can help.