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Why You Should Call The Pros About Rodents In Your Green Bay Home

October 15, 2021 - Rodents

What is a problem in life that you would not try to fix yourself? Some things we can think of include repairing an engine, replacing a water heater, or removing a tree from our yard. We would also include rodent control if we were not already trained in this field. If you are up against an infestation of rodents inside your Green Bay home and are curious to know what professional services would look like, here are some things to consider today.

Types Of Rodents In Green Bay

Before we talk about professional rodent control, we think it is important to first learn about the types of rodents living in Green Bay. Although there are dozens of species in our area, small rodents like mice and big rodents like squirrels and rats most commonly invade living areas. Rats and mice are especially fond of living inside human dwellings and regularly cause serious issues for locals.

How Rodents Cause Problems

It doesn't matter whether you have small rodents or big rodents inside your Green Bay home; these pests are problematic. To start, they spread diseases. You may also contract a disease by interacting with their fecal droppings and uring or by being bitten by a flea or tick they've carried into your living area. In addition to getting people sick, house rodents also damage property by tearing up insulation, paper, and fabrics and chewing through walls, boxes, and furniture.

The Downfalls Of DIY

If you have recently found an infestation of rodents inside your Green Bay home, you may be tempted to drive to the store and look for options to get these pests out. We are here today to hopefully save you some money. In our experience, store-bought rodent control is either ineffective, harmful to humans, or extremely inhumane. The DIY only method we approve is snap traps baited with peanut butter. If you catch an infestation fast enough, this strategy may be a quick end to your problem. If it doesn't solve things within a few weeks, keep in mind that rodents make new tiny rodents rapidly, and small infestations grow out of control fast.

The Benefit Of Professional Rodent Control

Trying to deal with rodents on your own could result in you getting sick, stressed out, or wasting your time and money. Hiring a professional to help you with your rodent problems greatly decreases your chances of getting hurt and increases your likelihood of getting rid of these pests fast. A highly trained technician can identify where rodents are hiding inside your home and implement fast-working and effective treatments or traps to eliminate existing rodent problems. They will also have equipment and products to seal off and guard your home against future infestations.

Why You Should Choose BugBoss For Your Rodent Control Needs

We are not going to lie to you; several rodent control companies in our area can solve your problem. The question is, do you just want your problem solved? At BugBoss The X Terminator, we not only offer our community advanced rodent control services; we make sure that from start to finish, we answer all of your questions and that there is no confusion over the methods we use inside your home. Out of everything we do, the thing we value most is our customers and their freedom from invasive, dangerous, and destructive pests like rodents.

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