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Residential Pest Control In Green Bay, WI

The Best Pest Solution For Residential Homeowners

From ants and beetles to spiders and rodents, nobody wants to live in a home overrun with pests. If dangerous critters are pushing your family out of the house, trust the pros at BugBoss The X-Terminator to receive residential pest services year-round. By providing 24/7 access to treatments and a free residential inspection, there's never been a pest challenge we failed to eliminate for Clintonville homeowners and beyond.

The General Pest Control Process

Residential pest control doesn't need to be confusing. At BugBoss The X-Terminator, we're known for our short, sweet, and knowledgeable programs. We can eliminate even the most severe pest infestations by blocking off major entry points and utilizing eco-friendly sprays and baits. We believe in giving 110% to our clients, offering prevention advice and assistance all year round. Our team is open for business nearly every day of the year, offering fast-acting, no-nonsense treatments that eliminate pests within a few simple treatments.

At BugBoss The X-Terminator, we focus on the major groups of pests that commonly plague Clintonville homeowners. A few of these include:

BugBoss The X-Terminator believes that pest control is a process – not just a one-time service. That's why we provide quarterly maintenance services that regularly assess your property for signs of pending infestations, pest activity, or other warning signs. We return to your property four times per year and diligently check for the signs and symptoms of danger. If anything catches our eye, or if you have concerns about your ongoing safety, we spring into action to implement prevention steps that truly make a difference, allowing us to catch dangerous animals long before they wreak havoc on your home.

BugBoss The X-Terminator Uses 3 Simple Steps

BugBoss The X-Terminator's residential pest control program is as effective as it is affordable. We believe in taking a straightforward approach to pests and their treatment costs, which is why we offer 100% transparent billing programs that help you make the right decision.

The team at BugBoss The X-Terminator is a first-responder for some of Clintonville's most notorious pests, including bed bugs, roaches, and fleas. Our extensive treatment programs address pests at all levels of infestation, regularly applied to your home on a monthly or quarterly basis. By presenting you with customizable treatment programs, homeowners in Clintonville, WI can better protect their homes, families, and loved ones.

Although treatment programs can go a long way toward protecting the integrity of your home, we realize they aren't always enough in all circumstances. For this reason, BugBoss The X-Terminator offers wildlife exclusions and attic cleanouts that protect your home against potential invasions. Not only do regular clean-ups and entry point protections keep you safe from creepy crawlies, but they also have the ability to lockout dangerous animals such as bats, raccoons, and other wildlife nuisances.

Our professionals will follow three tried-and-true steps during each of our customized pest control programs — inspection, treatment, and follow-up visits.

Our Home Pest Control Process


BugBoss The X-Terminator offers complimentary residential pest inspections with every visit. We will inspect your home for the signs and symptoms of potential invaders and collect evidence that help us diagnose the problem. If we uncover any issues or concerns, we will immediately relay our findings to you.


Offering traditional and eco-friendly treatments, BugBoss The X-Terminator will apply sprays, baits, and other products to your home. Our team will suggest a treatment schedule that considers your needs. We take care to focus on entry points, chronic habitats, and other potential infestation sites that deserve extra attention.


BugBoss The X-Terminator understands that some pests can survive even the toughest products — which is why we return to follow up on your home even after our treatments have ended. If we find recurring pests in the area, or if the infestation appears active, we will immediately return to address the issue.

Tough On Pests, Gentle On Your Home: Call BugBoss The X-Terminator For Control Done Right

Don't allow pests to boss you around. For trained pest eliminators with a track record of success, look no further than the professional team at BugBoss The X-Terminator. We aren't here to be an average pest control company; we're here to get results. Call now to schedule your free inspection or to learn more about our residential pest control program.

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