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There are many different pest species in the Clintonville, WI area. Understanding the species and behaviors of these pests will allow you to discover pest activity before it does any major damage. BugBoss The X-Terminator has compiled an informative Pest Library to help you identify common pest species before they infest your home and assist you throughout the pest management process.


Ants are constantly searching for food and water; unfortunately for us, our Green Bay properties provide them with regular sources of both. Ants have learned how to live close to people and that our properties offer them the security of knowing where their next meal will come from. Most ants prefer to live out in nature but are super resourceful and, if necessary, can nest almost anywhere, including inside our homes. Ants are small insects and easily move indoors through small spaces they discover in the foundation, around windows and doors, or in exterior walls.

Most of the ants we come across, like pavement ants or sugar ants, are harmless. While they are an annoyance to deal with daily and can contaminate food and surfaces with bacteria, they don't pose significant risks to people or property. In contrast, the carpenter ant is a large destructive species that regularly finds its way into our homes. In addition to contaminating food, they may decide to stay and nest within your home's structural wood. Over time, their presence will cause costly structural damage. Though a common sight, you should never ignore ants on your property. Take action as soon as you notice these insects in your yard or home.

Keep ants out of your Green Bay home with the help of our effective pest control services and the following prevention tips:

  • Reduce outdoor nesting sites by removing things like woodpiles, brush piles, leaf piles, fallen trees, and other yard debris from your property.
  • Make sure weatherstripping is intact around windows and doors.
  • Seal cracks in the foundation and exterior walls.
  • Eliminate food sources by placing lids on trash cans, maintaining gardens, and keeping indoor and outdoor eating areas clean and free of food debris.

Bed bugs

The presence of biting bed bugs in any of our Wisconsin homes can take an emotional toll on us. Having blood-feeding bed bugs in a home often means interrupted sleep and stress-filled days. Bed bugs may not spread disease like other blood-feeding pests, but they are just as unwanted inside our homes. Since human blood is the bed bug’s preferred food source, they have come to primarily live indoors with us and are common pests in our homes and public spaces like schools, hotels, airports, laundry mats, and libraries.

Bed bugs are so difficult to control because they move wherever we take them. Bed bugs move with ease across the street, across town, or across the country by crawling onto people’s clothing or things like pieces of luggage, furniture, mattresses, and rugs. In addition to people moving bed bugs from place to place, bed bugs often move through buildings by traveling along wires and pipes and through vents. Controlling bed bugs in multi-unit buildings can be quite tricky!

If bed bugs ever find a way into your Green Bay home, immediately reach out to us for assistance. In addition to our professional services, the following prevention tips keep these biting, blood-feeding pests at bay.

  • Take care when acquiring secondhand items; bed bugs are notorious for hitchhiking into new homes in pieces of furniture or mattresses.
  • Protect mattresses and box springs in your home from bed bugs by encasing them in a bed bug-proof cover.
  • Clutter won’t attract bed bugs, but it allows them to hide out of sight in your home. Reduce as much clutter in your home as possible.
  • Vacuum your home to remove stray bed bugs that do find a way into your home. 
  • In public places, always keep your personal belongings up off the ground and away from other people’s things to make it more difficult for bed bugs to crawl onto your personal belongings.


In the Green Bay area, we have two different species of roaches that regularly find their way to our properties- the German cockroach and the wood roach. They are two very different species with very different wants and needs. The German cockroach has adapted to living indoors with people; our homes and businesses like restaurants are places these roaches regularly wind up. Their preferred mode of transportation is hitchhiking in things like appliances, furniture, boxes, and bags. The wood roach primarily lives outdoors in wooded areas or within woodpiles, brush piles, or leaf piles. Wood roaches most commonly find their way inside on pieces of firewood.

Cockroaches are hitchhiking pests that can find their way into any of our Green Bay homes. Discovering that cockroaches have found a way into your home is a problem for many different reasons. First, cockroaches live and travel through less than sanitary areas. On their bodies and legs, they carry a number of parasites and bacteria that they will spread to surfaces and food, making people very ill. In addition, their shed skins and excrement are full of allergens that trigger allergies and asthma attacks. When cockroaches are in our homes, they can also cause other problems like staining fabrics and walls, causing unpleasant odors, and frankly making you uncomfortable in your own home.

To help you prevent problems with these unwanted visitors, we want to provide you with the following cockroach prevention tips.

  • Keep the inside of your home free of crumbs and spills that offer cockroaches a source of food. 
  • Most roaches are attracted to areas of moisture. Reduce humidity levels in your home using air-conditioners and dehumidifiers. 
  • Never store firewood next to the exterior of your home. Always inspect pieces of firewood for roaches before bringing them inside. 
  • Inspect secondhand pieces of furniture, electronics, and all deliveries for hitchhiking cockroaches before bringing the items inside.


How many times have you tried to enjoy spending time in your backyard only to be driven back indoors by biting, swarming mosquitoes? The answer is probably more times than you care to admit! Mosquitoes are flying pests that can make it impossible to spend time outdoors comfortably. These outdoor pests thrive in our yards that provide them with their necessities:

  • Blood meals from warm-blooded animals and people (females) 
  • Plant nectar (females and males)
  • Areas of standing water to use as breeding sites

Stopping mosquitoes from living on your property is important not only because mosquitoes deliver itchy bites but because of the diseases they transmit during the feeding process. Mosquitoes worldwide spread diseases that make people very ill; in our area, these pests spread West Nile virus, St. Louis encephalitis (SLE), and Eastern equine encephalitis (EEE). Mosquitoes will also spread parasitic heartworms to our pets- a life-threatening infection. Limiting your contact with mosquitoes is important to your health and safety. Implementing seasonal mosquitoes control services is the best way to greatly reduce the number of mosquitoes able to call your yard home!

To help you make your Green Bay yards less attractive to mosquitoes, we want to provide you with the following mosquito prevention strategies.

  • Fill in low-lying areas that collect rainwater.
  • Keep gutters free of debris that will collect rainwater.
  • Store containers like buckets and flower pots upside down when not in use.
  • Keep the grass in your yard cut short, cut back overgrown vegetation, and remove yard debris to limit resting spots for mosquitoes.
  • Don’t overplant flowering plants on your property, especially near sitting areas like decks and porches. 


Rodents are regular visitors to our Green Bay yards, as they have discovered that our properties are places they can stay safe, forage for food, and create nesting sites. Rodents have learned that people offer them easy access to their necessities and that living with or near us makes their lives easier. Some of the most common rodents to make themselves a problem for homeowners in Wisconsin include:

  • Deer mice
  • Field mice
  • House mice
  • Moles
  • Rats
  • Voles
  • Shrews (insectivores)

Rodents and insectivores like shrews are not a pest to ignore; their presence can cause health problems in people and damage to our yards and our homes. Some of the biggest causes of concern when rodents decide to make themselves home on our property include contaminating food, chewing on drywall and flooring, damaging clothing and furniture, and spreading dangerous pathogens. However, rodents aren’t just problematic in our homes; they also cause damage in our yards. Voles and shrews are particularly problematic in our yards; they will create tunnels in the soil and damage to lawns, trees, gardens, and landscaping plants.

If you think rodents or shrews have moved onto your property, either in your home or yard, immediately reach out to us for assistance. In addition to our professional rodent control services, the following prevention tips keep these dangerous pests at bay.

  • Keep your lawn cut short, remove overgrown weeds, and keep shrubbery cut back to remove nesting and resting spots in your yads.
  • Keep mice and rats from foraging for food in trashcans by always placing tight-fitting lids on them.
  • Maintain a clean kitchen and always store your family’s food in the refrigerator or containers with air-tight lids. 
  • Caulk gaps and cracks in your home’s exterior walls to keep rodents from moving into your home.
  • Place door sweeps on all exterior doors, caps on chimneys, and mesh covers over drains and vents.


Spiders are a type of arachnid and are regular visitors to our yards and homes, as they provide them with shelter and insect prey. An important part of the ecosystem, spiders, are avid hunters who control nuisance and dangerous insects. Therefore having spiders living in small numbers in your yard usually isn’t problematic. However, when dangerous spiders like brown recluse spiders move onto your property, or harmless spiders take over your yard or home, you need to take action. An influx of spiders is often an indicator that there is a large number of insects living on your property. 

Wolf spiders and daddy long legs regularly find themselves in our homes and yards. They have moved onto our properties following their insect prey or searching for things like water or a safe place to lay their eggs. Whether spiders live in your yard or home, they will hang out in dark, quiet areas. Closets, spaces under furniture, and the corners of windows and doors are common indoor hideouts for spiders. In our yards, spiders like to hang out in gardens, under decks, behind siding, and near garbage cans. If spiders are overtaking your property, reach out to a professional for help. At BugBoss The X-Terminator, our professionals will accurately identify these spiders, find their hideouts, and perform the effective treatments necessary to eliminate them and their insect prey!

At first sight of large numbers of spiders on your Wisconsin property, immediately reach out to us at BugBoss The X-Terminator. In addition, implement the following prevention tips to make your property less attractive to spiders.

  • Maintain your lawn. Keep the grass cut short and cut back overgrown shrubs and bushes.
  • Remove areas of standing water caused by low-lying areas, leaking spigots, or clogged gutters. 
  • Inspect your home’s exterior and seal any openings leaking indoors to keep insects and hunting spiders out of your home.
  • Keep lids on trashcans and maintain gardens areas to limit insect activity on your property.

If you are experiencing pest problems or simply would like to prevent pest problems in your house, reach out to us at BugBoss The X-Terminator! We can handle the toughest pests problems, and we provide our customers with dependable pest control services. To solve your pest problems now and throughout the entire year, call BugBoss The X- Terminator today to learn more about our quarterly pest control services!

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